2012 blogathon: cute kittens will be a last resort

last year i participated in the wordcount blogathon and it was an awesome experience. this year i am doing it again! for 31 days straight i will be blogging. i was hesitant about doing it this year because i am somewhat in a creative drought right now, i feel unfocused and completely all over the place, but this will force me to “sit & write”. sit & write. sit & write!

my heart’s desire is to speak a positive word into the lives of all those who somehow end up here! i want to inspire you to live an incredible life and to create awesome things! the world is filled with naysayers and negative messages, but i am determined to let my little light SHINE.

i am just this 30 year old who loves to write, photograph, teach, and most of all loves Jesus. and i go about my blog all the wrong way because i write about all those things…sometimes all in one post! they, the experts, say if you want a successful blog you should limit your topics. oops! but perhaps it’s not all about having a “successful blog” but simply inspiring others…

the other day a coworker sent me a picture of herself at closing of her new home and told me “thanks for the inspiration.” last year i bought a house and it inspired her to take a leap of faith. and i thought to myself, that’s what it is about! inspiring other people. even if it is just one person, and even if my delivery needs work i must keep taking leaps, believing, trusting God for his promises and writing about it all.

if you are reading this on tuesday there is still time to register for the blogathon, registration is open until 11 p.m. pacific time on may 1. i convinced my mom to sign up, she blogs at cynthiabanessa.com. go support her! i am creative because of this woman. if you are already participating would love to connect with you! leave your blog in the comment section!

i hope everyone sticks around for the whole 31 days and beyond. i promise to serve up 31 days of oh so fresh and so clean content. i promise to resort to pictures of cute kittens only if i have completely run out of real content to share. the best way to stay connected is to subscribe via email.

okay, day 1 of 31 down…
30 more to go!



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