i quit!


i recently stumbled upon an article about a rebranding of one of my favorite stores. the day i checked out their new transformation they were installing the new sign. inside the store i could see changes, but yet it was a work in progress. in some way i am going through my own similar transformation. rebranding and repositioning myself!

my motto during this time is NOTHING IS SACRED. basically in evaluating my life i am willing to let go of anything that interferes with me becoming all that God wants me to be. i would like to say i have some master plan, but i don’t. i just know that i refuse to stay where i am out of comfort and familiarity.

i quit my job. my full-time grown up teaching job. the one i just got over the summer. yes, that one. it was killing me in a slow death kind of way. it has been one of the hardest things i have had to do, however the experience served as a push for me. for a moment i’ve been on the fence about teaching. a series of events led me to step out on faith and to JUST DO IT, to q-u-i-t. the past couple months i’ve become stronger and braver. it’s been turning a negative into a positive, and recognizing opportunities within setbacks.


“when i loved myself enough, i began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy. this meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits – anything that kept me small. my judgement called it disloyal. now I see it as self-loving.” – kim mcmillen

quitting is harder than it looks!

i was listening to t.d. jakes the other day and he was talking about the idea of all because you are good at something doesn’t mean you should be doing it. as a teacher i have always gotten really high evaluations and it is something that i can say i am good at, but i know for now in my life it isn’t something i should be doing. it was for a season in my life. maybe at some point when i finish my masters degree i will get back into education in some way. maybe teach at the college level. maybe!

in my book 30 things i talk about the concept of at the end of the day. you know, at the end of the day are you okay with who you are? and in an extended conversation with myself i have asked myself, “at the end of the day what do you want to do?” i want to write and publish books full-time and the universe has afforded me this opportunity, a slice in time, to focus 100% on doing that.

and then things got kind of scary…

well, not because i was exchanging conversation with myself but because i knew what else would have to go on the chopping block! for the past 6 years i have been running gloria marie photography and i know i have to give it up if i want to be successful at the one thing i really want to do at the end of the day. while photography will always be part of who i am for now i won’t be spending energy marketing it. and it’s like whoa, and it’s crazy, and it’s…heartbreaking. heartbreaking in a million different ways.

and of course it is absolutely crazy!

i talk a lot about dreaming and living your purpose, and it sounds all good and dandy but being obedient to God’s will for your life isn’t a cakewalk but a faith walk. i know it is crazy to give up a solid full time job and walk into the unknown, but i also know that the good stuff in life is out on the limb. the good stuff is far from your comfort zone. most people won’t get the absurdity of it all, however i understand that there are different levels of faith and not everyone is in the same realm so of course not everyone will understand. and that’s perfectly ok. just know, i barely understand it myself but i am willing to say yes with my life.


“if you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.” – paulo coehlo


love this quote!!! love it so much that i am sampling it for the title of my upcoming book about this whole experience. a new hello is my upcoming book that will be available november 4th! i am calling it a very short memoir on free falling…

if you want to take a look into my decision to quit my job it is all in this book! i write about the situation at my job, give a little background info, write about the moment i handed in my resignation letter, people’s reaction, and then i write about that thing called faith and my future.

a new hello is a quick read, a little over 7,000 words. here is the awesome thing! you can pre-order it on amazon to have instant access to it when it is released NEXT WEEK. click here to pre-order. for now, i don’t think this will be published in paperback. if you don’t have a kindle device you can download a kindle app for whatever device you do have.

while things are still unfolding i am so excited about this time in my life! if you are reading my blog via a second party reader i encourage you to check out my updated website as i rebrand and reposition myself.

as always, if i can do anything for you let me know! thanks for reading and being part of my journey. thanks for your prayers and support. let’s live our dreams!


i am a huge fan of alastair humphreys and his work. one of the things he encourages people to do is to take #microadventures.

over the summer i took 2!


for the longest i had talked about taking a day trip to abilene, tx. a place i’ve never been that’s relatively not too far from me. a little over a 3 hour drive from my home.

one night i told myself i would wake up in the morning, get in my car, and drive to abilene, tx. the next morning i woke up feeling unwell and it was stormy outside. a perfect excuse to stay home. i got a later start than i wanted, but i got in my car and headed west.

storms normally move east and so a little into my trip things cleared up and i started to feel better.

where do you go in abilene, tx? the zoo!


i got to hand feed the giraffes! awesomeness. the abilene zoo is a lovely little quaint place, except for the area that houses a live smelly skunk! :)


it was only abilene but i had never been that far west in my life.


i was actually quite surprised at how much the landscape had changed by just driving 3 hours west of the dallas/fort worth area. i am use to seeing prairies and pines.

if you read my blog you probably know about the california road trip dream, in my head i imagined what it would be like to just keep driving the interstate west.

the second microadventure was a mini camping trip on my birthday!

i convinced some friends to join me at lake tawakoni, a little over an hour from home.


camping outdoors in a tent was a first. i am sure some of my friends will say “thanks, but no thanks” on the next camping invite! haha.


i attempted to do research on pinterest and i visited bass pro shops in order to prepare for the trip. overall? it wasn’t too bad.

it was HOT being that it was august in texas. the most surprising thing, though, is how much it cooled down around 4am. the most annoying thing was the sound of the locust/crickets throughout the night. and there was just tons of flying bugs in general.

morning came with a sigh of victory. we had owned the night! and CHECK! camping came off my things to do list.


since i went camping on my actual birthday i celebrated my birthday the day before at my parents.


this fall i will be headed to mexico again! i will be photographing a destination wedding! can’t wait. and here in texas i want to find a good monarch butterfly viewing spot or festival for their annual migration trip to mexico.

the monarchs are coming!!!! :)

keep in the sunlight

i’ve been attempting to update my blog at least once a month, and so here i am sliding in before the 1st of august.

o not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. keep in the sunlight.

hello my friends. how are you guys? are you well? are you whole? are you living your purpose? hit reply and talk to me!

the summer started off rough on memorial day when my one and only cousin on my mom’s side was gunned down and killed in memphis, tn. i am thankful to God for bringing my family from that earth shattering phone call/moment to a place of peace in someway about it all. seeing and experiencing grief within yourself and within the lives of the people you love changes your world.

and oh, how do i transition from that? thanks for those who prayed for my family.

there have been a couple changes in my life…

i started grad school! studying for my masters in education. i have finished my first class! yay me! i’ve been having tons of fun over at keepcalmandteachon.com and creating teacher products for my teacherspayteachers.com store. my focus of study is curriculum and instruction. eventually i want to create a preschool curriculum for parents.

God has opened a door for me to teach at a new school this upcoming school year! after 6 years, and spending my whole teaching career at one school, i will be venturing off into uncharted territory for me. i will be teaching 1st grade for the 1st time! as a member of generation y i am proud of myself for sticking it out for 6 years at one place of employment but i also believe change is an opportunity for growth. putting in my resignation letter was happiness and a tinge of sadness at the same time. i will miss the people (students and teachers) from my old school the most. and i am an introvert, so i worry some about my new social work environment. this year i am using donorschoose.com for the first time, check out my donorschoose project for my classroom! a donation of any size is greatly appreciated!

recently i literally shaved most of my hair off! it was a just do it! type of thing. i had been talking about it for like foreverrrr. i am attempting to incorporate a little less talk and a little more action in my life. there are some pictures over on my instagram account. my 9 year old nephew was like, “gloria, you are getting punked out!” you know what they say, a women who cuts her hair is about to change her life!

i’ve been working on a book project for the past few months that i wanted done by august. so not happening unless i shut myself in a closet and write nonstop for at least a week! summers are weird for me, though. i always find myself feeling some kind of way. hence the benjamin franklin quote, “do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. keep in the sunlight.” and that’s the challenge, to stay in the sunlight! it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by everything.

next week i turn 33!!!!!!!! and !!!!!!! again! it’s like whoa. mid 30’s! for my birthday i want to do a glamping trip! anyone want to join me? ;)

why you should stop running from your fears

early in the spring i showed my second grade class a video about spring and within the video was a baby bird floundering around its nest, jumping in, jumping out, clinging onto the tree bark for dear life, skidding and climbing back into the nest. one of my students made a remark of how the bird was afraid of flying, in response another student observed it differently, “he is not afraid of flying, he is afraid of falling.”

it was so matter-of-fact the way my student assessed the real problem, and in that little bird i saw myself. climbing back into safe spots, spending energy on not falling…when God wants me to get my focus off falling and focus on flying. focus on my purpose, the things he put me on this earth to do.

as i watched the little bird do everything in its power not to fall i wanted to tell the bird that it didn’t have to go through all the doubt and fear because it is fully equipped to just jump and fly.

and in the same way God has equipped us to live out our purpose, but yet often our actions are based on a fear of failure.

just jump, chase your dreams, because here is the deal…

chances are natural instincts will kick in.
chances are you won’t actually fall.
chances are you were born to do it.
chances are you’ll be amazing at it.

“if you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.” – paulo coelho

may wishes

i hope your may was filled with things that pushed you closer to the will of God for your life.

here are some “may” wishes for you…















fyi: summer books are coming! been working on a couple projects!

a small change but remarkable effects

happy spring! it’s been a harsh winter here in north texas. never had so many bad weather days in my teaching career. but yay, spring is here!

the other week one of my writer friends posted this video on fb. it’s an awesome video about how a small number of wolves changed rivers at yellowstone. watch and be amazed, and consider what small change you can make in your life.

click here to view how wolves change rivers

have a great productive weekend!

i have a question for you…


the other week i posted this picture over on twitter. i attended an event where they gave all the ladies roses. a very sweet gesture that women LOVE. i get them home and i realize i have no vase to put them in. and so while this picture of these roses are beautiful the truth is that they are in a plastic water bottle. i started to think, how am i going to say “i would love for a guy to give me flowers!” when i don’t even have a proper vase to put them in?

so the question is…

are you prepared/ready to receive what God wants to give to you?

think about it. and then make any necessary adjustments.

14 things for valentine’s day (2014 edition)

happy valentine’s day lovely people! here is my 3rd edition of 14 things for valentine’s day list!

1. what the world needs now

i love this song and i love this version.

click here to view video on youtube

2. somebody loves you, mr. hatch by eileen spinelli

One wintry day, a postman delivers a mysterious package with a big pink bow to a lonely man named Mr. Hatch.
“Somebody loves you,” the note says.
“Somebody loves me!” Mr. Hatch sings as he dusts his living room. “Somebody loves me!” Mr. Hatch whistles as he does his errands in town. “But who,” Mr. Hatch wonders, “could that somebody be?”
After some time, Mr. Hatch discovers just who his secret admirer is and, in doing so, enjoys the biggest surprise of his life!

i will be reading this book to my students! really cute book!

3. e.e. cummings

“[i carry your heart with me(i carry it in]” by e e cummings is one of my favorite poems! there is a new book out about his life that looks fascinating that i desire to read!

not familiar with his work? start with “[i carry your heart with me(i carry it in]“.

4. the story of danny and annie

i randomly came across this story on pbs one day, and then i get on youtube and somehow i run into it again. i think it is worth sharing.

click here to view video on youtube

5. my pinterest board dedicated to LOVE

6. the science of a perfect relationship

no need for you to do all that research on the perfect relationship…it has already been done!

7. the greatest love of all

“This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life. God didn’t go to all the trouble of sending his Son merely to point an accusing finger, telling the world how bad it was. He came to help, to put the world right again. Anyone who trusts in him is acquitted; anyone who refuses to trust him has long since been under the death sentence without knowing it. And why? Because of that person’s failure to believe in the one-of-a-kind Son of God when introduced to him.” – the message (msg) john 3:16-18

8. forget the chocolates!

give the gift of adoption. help protect the future of nature. give the gift of a symbolic wwf adoption to your loved ones. many animals to choose from.

9. a lesson in love

learn how to say love in a new language.

10. thanks, but no thanks!

in the classic book anne of green gables, published in 1908, gilbert attempts to give a pink candy heart with the words “you are sweet” to anne, who promptly grinds it under her heel. don’t blame you anne…those things are NA-STY!! but to learn more about these famous candy hearts check out wikipedia.com’s entry on them.

11. top 10 words for valentine’s day

ok, this list is really starting to show my nerdy side. check out merriam-webser’s list of the top 10 words for valentine’s day.

12. yay for romantic comedies opening up this weekend

like? winter’s tale!

click here to view video on youtube

13. the 2011 list

yep, putting the previous editions of the list on the list is cheating a little bit. but check out the lists from previous years.

14. the 2013 list

spread out! think big!


Isaiah 54:1-6

“Sing, barren woman, who has never had a baby.
Fill the air with song, you who’ve never experienced childbirth!
You’re ending up with far more children
than all those childbearing women.” God says so!
“Clear lots of ground for your tents!
Make your tents large. Spread out! Think big!
Use plenty of rope,
drive the tent pegs deep.
You’re going to need lots of elbow room
for your growing family.
You’re going to take over whole nations;
you’re going to resettle abandoned cities.
Don’t be afraid—you’re not going to be embarrassed.
Don’t hold back—you’re not going to come up short.
You’ll forget all about the humiliations of your youth,
and the indignities of being a widow will fade from memory.
For your Maker is your bridegroom,
his name, God-of-the-Angel-Armies!
Your Redeemer is The Holy of Israel,
known as God of the whole earth.
You were like an abandoned wife, devastated with grief,
and God welcomed you back,
Like a woman married young
and then left,” says your God.

– The Message (MSG)