the easy unrewarding job of a critic


last night i spent some time with my family, and we ended up watching the aaliyah biopic on lifetime cable network. we found more entertainment out of reading the twitter #aaliyahmovie comments than actually watching the movie. there are some mean (but hilarious!) folks over on twitter. the movie had some challenges. bad casting. bad acting. bad script. and they didn’t have the rights to any of her music, and so it lacked the essence of aaliyah.

from the couch it was easy for us to spew out criticism, but to think about it…the joke was on us! the producers and all involved in the movie made it to the bank either way. plus, at least they tried and were doing their thing. us? we were merely consumers, sitting on the couch watching it, while the producers were winning.

everyone is a critic, but know that if you are a critic you have an easy unrewarding job. it is easier to criticize than to actually do something creative yourself and if you are merely a consumer you are not winning.